Getting More From Your Advertising Dollars

By Robert Imbriale, The Motivational Marketer

Are you like most business owners when it comes to advertising? Do you let the publication whip up your ad copy for you, or do you leave it to the lowest paid person on your staff to handle?

If you do, you’re probably not happy with the response you’ve been getting.  But that’s about to change! You see, when you have somebody else prepare an ad for you, they are really only interested in making you happy. So what’s wrong with that you say?


First, to make you happy, they try to appeal to your ego by doing such things as placing your company name in big, bold type across the top of your ad.. Now this is great for your ego, but let me tell you, it’s death to your prospects!

It all makes perfect sense that other people will do their utmost to please you when you consider that you are the one signing the check.

Improving Your Ads Can Make a Dramatic Difference

As you and I browse any printed materials, listen to the radio, or even watch television, we are constantly looking to answer the question “So what?” Think about it, if we don’t get a good enough answer to our “so what” question, are we actually going to continue to read, listen or watch? Probably not.

So why do so many advertisers insist on having their company name plastered up on top of their ads? My guess is that they have not given any serious thought to their advertising.

If you see ABC CORP. written in large type across the top of an ad, is that going to make you want to read further? Of course not!

But, consider a different approach. What if you were to “hide” your company name and logo down somewhere near or at the bottom of your ads in small type? You are the only person who really cares about your company name and logo anyway, and you can see it all day long if you want so why clutter up a perfectly good ad with such unprofitable items.

Try using a benefit statement telling the reader, listener, or viewer what they stand to gain by reading, listening or watching your ad. and ultimately buying your product or service. Before you know it, your response rates will soar!

But just what do you put up there that will attract attention? Ask yourself this question: “What is the over-all greatest benefit my customer will gain from directly acquiring my product or service?” The answer to that question becomes your headline.

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Look at some examples of headlines that have been proven to attract attention:

Discount Printing (or your product or service, if it is truly a discounted item)

Low-Cost Auto Insurance

Worry-Free Vacations

Use your imagination and really focus on the major benefit of your product or service. It’s this really powerful, focused approach that will dramatically increase response to your advertising.

Don’t Try To Tell The Whole Story

Aside from a powerful headline, you must make sure the rest of your ad copy supports the single idea of your headline. If you offer low-cost auto insurance, don’t tell your prospects about your other insurance products in the body copy because you told them to expect information on low-cost auto insurance in your headline. so give it to them!

Never cover more than one main idea in any one ad because you just don’t have the room. If you have more than one profit-center, product or service, create separate ads for each one, if you can afford to. If not, select the most profitable of your products and promote that one in your ads.

By keeping your ads focused and beginning each ad with a powerful headline, you’ll increase response by as much as 5 times. If at first you don’t seem to be getting any increased response, remember that you should test all new headlines and modify them until they work.

Then, after you have a formula that works, roll it out. In other words place your ad in many publications, on many radio stations and on many television stations. If it works in one medium, there’s no reason it won’t work in another. Go ahead and write a few powerful, attention-grabbing headlines right now. . .


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Robert Imbriale is a powerful speaker, best-selling author, and career marketing expert. His book, Motivational Marketing (Wiley: June 2007 – became an instant Marketing Classic and has gone on to change the way thousands of businesses market themselves. Robert is the founder and CEO or Ultimate Wealth, Inc. (




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