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Dear Fellow Professional Speaker,

I’d like to invite you to consider becoming one of our hand-picked Empowering Speakers! Before I go on, please take a moment to listen to this message I’ve recorded for you:

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What is Empowering Speakers?

Think of our web site as the place to find empowering presentations from some of the most empowering voices of our time. Our inspirational interviews bring out the best of our speakers and bring their empowering messages to the world stage.

How We Select Our Speakers

Every speaker featured on this web site and in the Empowering Speakers Series has been hand-picked by our editors. We look for speakers who are not just able to present well, but who also have an amazing and empowering message to share.

Our interviews and programs are NOT sales presentations, they are instead thought-provoking programs that aim to leave the listener in a more positive and empowered state of mind.

Every speaker we choose must complete an application that will be reviewed by our editors. If selected, a speaker will be contacted by one of our representatives by telephone.

How We Work With Our Speakers

It’s no accident that the most successful speakers of our time not only get many speaking engagements, but they also have many, many pre-recorded products. It is this little-known ‘secret’ that eludes most would-be successful professional speakers. The Empowering Speakers Series is a program designed to create professional grade, retail-ready products for selected speakers. But just creating a fabulous product is not enough. The product has to be put on the market and promoted, which is where the Empowering Speakers program really becomes valuable.

After the interview CD product is created it is placed in front of millions of potential buyers worldwide. Doing this accomplishes several things for our speakers. First, it helps them gain a wider audience and helps them reach potential consulting clients they would not have otherwise been able to reach. The CD program will also drive new fans and followers to our speaker’s web sites, help fill their live events, and can potentially add thousands of names to their mailing lists.

As our speakers gain additional exposure, they naturally become more successful in their careers as they will be asked to speak at more events, their audience grows, and they can then command larger fees for their speaking and consulting projects.

While we would love to work with every speaker, the reality is that we must be selective in who we choose to work with and therefore we carefully  screen every speaker prior to offering them the opportunity to participate in this exciting program.

If you’re interested in applying to be one of the speakers we select,
please download and complete the application form by clicking here  now

Once selected to participate in this program, a speaker will be asked to submit their information to us and an interview date will be set. Our interviews are conducted over the telephone and a speaker must be able to be reached on a land line (plain old telephone line) to help assure the quality of the recording.

Our interviews are recorded in a professional broadcast studio and the speakers are recorded over the telephone using broadcast quality sound equipment. The interviews are then edited by a skilled editor to create the highest possible production quality for our final audio CD’s.

Once the interview has been completed, it will be mastered and produced into a Compact Disc (CD). This includes the creation of the cover artwork, CD face label artwork, description of the content of the interview, speaker bio, ISBN barcode, and a catchy program title.

Completed programs are then listed on Amazon.com, added to the Ingram catalog (making them readily available to all bookstores and online web stores), and sold though our own UltimateWealthPublishing.com web store. You are invited to also offer your interview on your personal web site, social media site, and through live events, webcasts, and teleseminars as well.

Our programs will soon be added to the Audible.com catalog as well making them available to customers as electronic downloads that are also available on iTunes and that can be played on iPods, iPhones, iPads, computers, or any digital audio player.

Benefits to Our Speakers

As a chosen speaker, your interview will be available to a worldwide audience, giving you new channels to reach people you could never touch otherwise.

We essentially act as your publisher and handle all the marketing and promotion of yours and all of our other CD programs.

Our marketing includes national publications, Internet, Blogs, e- mail, radio and even television. This kind of promotion often leads to additional speaking engagements for our speakers. (At this time, we do not directly secure bookings for our speakers, but will share our speaker’s contact information with those seeking to book our speakers.)

The Interview

Our interviews are conducted over the telephone and typically take from 60 to 90 minutes to complete. You will be interviewed by me (Robert Imbriale) or another professional interviewer, chosen at our discretion.

Having a host to interview you will make the entire recording process much more relaxed and conversational, and for many speakers, much less stressful as well since they don’t have to carry the conversation alone.

You will be asked to provide an outline and some sample questions to us prior to your interview so that you know what to expect and can be prepared to deliver the best of what you do.

Although we don’t actively allow any overt “selling” during our interviews, it is perfectly fine to invite listeners to visit your web site and even make them an offer such as “come visit me online and get a  copy of my free ebook.”

At least once during your interview, we will be sure to mention your web site and give the listener good reason to go visit you online.

On the CD case itself, we will print your bio information and include your phone number and web address so that listeners can find you. We do want our listeners to be able to follow up with you, to find you, and to visit your web site and will do all we can to “nudge” them to do so.

We will not publish any interviews that can potentially be seen as  sales presentations because that is not what our audience is buying when they buy our programs. We seek and screen for high quality content that when a listener hears it, will “WOW!” them and make them want to hear more from you.

Overt sales presentations may make a few sales for you in the short term, but will never help you build a large following.

If your completed interview is rejected, you will have the option of re-recording the interview for a small additional fee.

Marketing and Promotion

Every program we produce will include an expertly written description on the CD case and for all product listings (Amazon.com, Ingram, Audible.com, etc.). Also our CD’s will include professionally designed artwork on both the case cover and the face label of the CD.

Marketing of your program will consist of a professionally written press release that will be distributed to more than 250,000 journalists and over 300,000 blog web sites.

We recommend that you also post this press release on your web and on your blog, if you use one.

Your program will also be promoted to our in-house list of past buyers and prospects via a solo e-mail message.

As a speaker, you will be given 250 copies of your program to sell on your web site, via e-mail, at speaking engagements, or to use as premiums for your customers. We will produce an initial run of no less than 1,000 copies of your program, 250 will be given to you, the rest will remain in our warehouse until they are sold.

Plus, you can purchase as many additional copies as you’d like (minimum of 100) for just $5/copy. These CD’s retail for $16.95, so selling them at retail would net you $11.95 per copy sold (or $1,195 for every 100 sold).

Although we do not offer royalties on copies we sell through any of our channels, you will benefit from the additional exposure to a large audience over the course of the lifetime of your interview.

And it doesn’t stop there! You see, our goal is simple: we want your message to go as far and as wide as possible because it benefits us BOTH when it does. We will be continually evaluating our marketing of your interview CD and we’ll be adding additional marketing and promotional efforts as needed.

Your Investment

In an effort to make this program effective for both you, as the speaker, and us as your publisher/marketing/promotion agent, we’ve created a pricing model that is very attractive since it’s about half of you would expect to pay to get everything we will do for you.

What we’ve done is figured out our costs for doing all that we’ve presented to you here, and decided that we would SHARE in the cost with you. Our costs are lower than you might otherwise find with other publishers since we’re creating an ongoing series of interviews and can take advantage of certain economies of scale, which keeps our cost of production low.

You can and will make back your investment, and more, by selling your CD to your audiences (e-mail lists, live speaking engagements, webcasts, teleseminars, direct mail, joint-ventures, etc.) and by attracting listeners of your interview to your web site where they can purchase your programs and services. You’ll also benefit from possible additional speaking engagements.

If you are accepted as an Empowering Speaker, you will be expected to invest $2,500, which represents a portion of the cost to produce your interview CD. Payment can be made by check, money order, or any major credit card and can be, upon request, split into two equal payments, if needed.

How Does This Compare to “Doing it Yourself?

You could create your own audio CD, and in fact with the technology available to you today, it is possible to create your own audio products with nothing more than a laptop. That may be where the “easy part” ends. From there you’ll need to edit the audio, create the artwork for the CD case and CD face, write the description for the back of the CD case, write an extended description for the listing on Amazon, Ingram, and other web sites, secure an ISBN number and create a barcode, and then it’s time to talk about marketing and promotion.

While you can do these things on your own, it would take a lot of your time and much more of your money than to use us to publish a CD program for you. We estimate that the average CD program costs upwards of $5,000.00 to produce and much more to market.

This is why we have created this program, and why it has already become popular among professional speakers who immediately see the value that is being offered here. The downside is that we don’t have many openings for new speakers and certainly cannot work with every speaker that contacts us. Our first series of 10 interviews will fill up quickly, so if this is of interest to you, please submit your application immediately.

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered as an Empowering Speaker, please download and complete this form: Click Here

Once completed, please fax your information to the number printed on the application. We receive a number of applications every week and will do our very best to review your application within 7 days. We respond to every speaker who submits an application, so there is no need for you to follow up with us.

Thank you for considering working with us!

I look forward to getting to know you and to hearing your empowering message!

Be outstanding!

Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’
Founder – EmpoweringSpeakers.com